[Android]Checking Android Testing Support Library 1.0

update: Aug 9, 2017

I encountered no tests found error when running tests with AssertJ and AndroidJUnitRunner1.0.0.

A few days ago, Android Testing Support Library 1.0 was released.
I pick up some awesome stuff for me, and I think this release will help enhance test automation for other 3rd party libraries.


help synchronise against

  • Executors
    • com.android.support.test.espresso.idling:idling-concurrent:3.0.0
  • network requests and responses
    • com.android.support.test.espresso.idling:idling-net:3.0.0

New view matchers/actions/methods

Parameterised testing


Understand how to write/think test for Android

Android Test Orchestrator

Runner related command options

  • -e classLoader – Provide the ability to pass class loaders using runner args
  • -e filter – Add support for custom JUnit filters to be specified using runner args
  • -e runnerBuilder – Allows developers to provide their own implementations of RunnerBuilder that can determine whether and how they can run against a specific class

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