Pairwise with Pict on Mac

Pict is one of famous tool for Pairwise. The tool is open sourced by Microsoft. See

Pairwise is combinational tool.


$ git clone
$ cd pict
$ make
$ ./pict

Pairwise Independent Combinatorial Testing

Usage: pict model [options]

 /o:N    - Order of combinations (default: 2)
 /d:C    - Separator for values  (default: ,)
 /a:C    - Separator for aliases (default: |)
 /n:C    - Negative value prefix (default: ~)
 /e:file - File with seeding rows
 /r[:N]  - Randomize generation, N - seed
 /c      - Case-sensitive model evaluation
 /s      - Show model statistics

Then you can run test with…

$ ./pict  doc/sample-models/strncpy.txt

Let’s use Pairwise on UNIX/Linux 🙂



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