Stetho and PonyDebugger support finding elements

You know for finding elements is the first step to describe GUI Testing scenarios.

For example, you need to find accessibilityIdentifier, accessibilityLabel, text and so on to describe GUI test in iOS with UIAutomation or Appium. In Android, you need to detect contentDescription or text and so on.

In usually, anyone use Appium Inspector or console tools. If you can read code, you may read source code directory. But they are not easy way. It’s a bit difficult.

I think that using Stetho and PonyDebugger is easier way to do it. Because you only need Browser or Chrome Dev tools.



PonyDebugger provides view hierarchy debugging. You can customise its parameters.

For example, you can get accessibilityIdentifier and so on with the following customisation.

[debugger setDisplayedViewAttributeKeyPaths:@[@"frame", @"hidden", @"accessibilityIdentifier", @"accessibilityLabel", @"text"]];


Stetho provides view hierarchy debugging over 1.1.0.
Stetho can get all elements via Google Dev Tools.

Do checking

Launch browser and connect target device.
That’s all.


You can find elements easier with Stetho and PonyDebugger. Convinient tools make your test more efficient.



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