Appium1.2.3 released

Appium 1.2.3がリリースされましたね。

とはいえ、iOS8 simulatorやinstruments関連でも不具合があるようなので、Apple側対応が必要な箇所もある程度ある模様。

Appium 1.2.3は、1.2.2において1.2.1からいくつかあったエンバグがなおっている模様。
例えば、iOSだとfindElementsのクラッシュやuiautomation predicate searchの修正、AndroidのsetText箇所など。




  • add a settings api (used currently only for Android xpath compression)
  • add configurable loglevels for different transports
  • allow appium to be run under sudo if the sudo user owns the appium files


  • fix crash while recovering from instruments failure
  • add ability to launch app by ‘bundleId’ cap alone (no ‘app’ cap)
  • misc groundwork for iOS8
  • fix bug that prevented scrolling collectionViews
  • more crash recovery bugfixes
  • use ‘click’ atom in webviews, ‘tap’ sent two clicks
  • fix bug where we’d try to kill a null logging proc and crash
  • enable performance logs for webviews
  • allow automation of native frame in safari (actually works on 7.1!)
  • fix uiautomation predicate search bug
  • fix ‘spawn ENOENT’ bug caused by a missing deviceconsole binary
  • fix autoAcceptAlert bug
  • fix certain findElement crashes
  • fix hideKeyboard bugs


  • fix issue with unzipping apk
  • add ability to launch arbitrary apps/activities mid-session
  • add lock() method to lock screen
  • add unlock() method to unlock screen
  • fix bug where app would be classified incorrectly as not installed
  • add settings api member for setting layout hierarchy compression
  • fix crash when touch actions attempted on webviews
  • undo setText changes and simply handle hint text fields better


  • fix –selendroid-quick option
  • fix unicode keyboard issues
  • fix bug in getting window_handles
  • fix bug that would prevent launching an app with spaces in its apk path

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