Testing and Cheking




  • Testing is the process of evaluating a product by learning about it through experimentation, which includes to some degree: questioning, study, modeling, observation and inference.

“evaluating” means making a value judgment; is it good? is it bad? pass? fail? how good? how bad? Anything like that.

“learning” is the process of developing one’s mind. Only humans can learn in the fullest sense of the term as we are using it here, because we are referring to tacit as well as explicit knowledge.

“experimentation” implies interaction with a subject and observation of it as it is operating, but we are also referring to “thought experiments” that involve purely hypothetical interaction. By referring to experimentation, we are not denying or rejecting other kinds of learning; we are merely trying to express that experimentation is a practice that characterizes testing. It also implies that testing is congruent with science.

the list of words in the testing definition are not exhaustive of everything that might be involved in testing, but represent the mental processes we think are most vital and characteristic.

“observations” is intended to encompass the entire process of observing, and not just the outcome.


The difinition of
Checking is the process of making evaluations by applying algorithmic decision rules to specific observations of a product.

is identified as the folowings.

  • Human checking is an attempted checking process wherein humans collect the observations and apply the rules without the mediation of tools.
  • Machine checking is a checking process wherein tools collect the observations and apply the rules without the mediation of humans.
  • Human/machine checking is an attempted checking process wherein both humans and tools interact to collect the observations and apply the rules.

“evaluations” as a noun refers to the product of the evaluation, which in the context of checking is going to be an artifact of some kind; a string of bits.

“algorithmic” means that it can be expressed explicitly in a way that a tool could perform.

“specific observations” means that the observation process results in a string of bits (otherwise, the algorithmic decision rules could not operate on them).

RSpecなどとして組み込まれたテストはMachine Chekingが目的で、探索的テストのような自動化されないQAのタスクとして区分される多くはTestingやHuman Chekingに該当してきますね。



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