Agile開発における acceptance testing と developer testing

Agile Testingにおける、Developer TDDとAcceptance TDDに関する2012年の統計情報を見てみて。


Figure 1 summarizes the responses regarding the primary approach to acceptance testing on agile teams. The good news is that the majority of agile teams are doing some sort of acceptance testing. Unfortunately, not as many as I would have hoped are taking a test first strategy, such as acceptance test-driven development (ATDD)/behavior driven development (BDD) as their primary approach. This is likely because these strategies require great discipline and skill to follow. It’s interesting that parallel independent testing approaches are still more popular than test-first approaches for acceptance testing.
Figure 2 summarizes the responses regarding the primary approach to developer testing on agile teams. In this case test-first approaches such as TDD are a bit more common, although test-after still dominates.
Table 1 summarizes what people believe to be the most significant challenges that they face when adopting Agile Testing and Quality Strategies.

Figure 1


Acceptance Testingをイテレーションの中で行うことって、大事ですね。



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